Personal Projects


Phinanze is a personal finance management application for Windows PC that allows users to easily manage personal fiannces and see advanced reports and statistics based on time-periods, filters, and/or categories. It also utilizes data encryption and remote databases to prevent data loss. To check more or install the latest version of Phinanze app, click the button below.

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A web-based concept campus food ordering and order management application that provides all-in-one functionalities including admin features for maangeing the cafes, employees, and menu items, employee features for managing live orders, and customer features for online ordering. The app also provides real-time order tracking and other advanced features.

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UW Impact CMS

An easy-to-use and practical web-based content management application built as part of a web development project which I started during COVID-19 to provide UWinnipeg student clubs with free modern responsive websites to enahnce their online presence and increase student engagement. UW students clubs can use this app to update all contents on their club websites including event info, group info, contact info, team info, external message inbox and more.

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A responsive web-based personal library application with reading tracker and community features where users can engage through posts. The application provides advanced book search feature through open Library API. Click the button below to check details or visit www.randsBook.com to check the live version fo the app.

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University Club Data API

API for information about various university clubs built with C#, .NET Core.

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Employee Records Management Console App

A simple employee record manangement console app.

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Unity 3D FPS Survival Game

3D FPS survival game for PC built with C# and Unity.

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